Monday, May 13, 2013

You Live Where?: Ride Your Bike to Work Week, Fayetteville Style

Picture me. On a bike. Commuting to work.

Yep, pretty sweet. I can ride my bike to the office in about 30 minutes, almost the entire way on the excellent Fayetteville Trail System.

I've heard of Ride Your Bike to Work Week for several years, but when your commute via car is 50+ minutes, with the vast majority of the miles being Interstate miles, it's a bit of an occupational hazard to try it. Here, of course, it wouldn't take me 50 minutes to drive to work if I detoured along every single side street in town. So this was it - this was my year to finally jump on the bandwagon, reduce my carbon footprint, and burn enough calories to feel absolutely zero guilt when I eat a cupcake for dessert after my Reuben sandwich dinner. Winning.

I already did a couple of practice runs the last two weeks, but the weather has been so crazy - back and forth, warm and cold - I haven't been able to sustain the effort. Those test runs, though, taught me something very valuable - a backpack is not quite big enough for:

  • my iPad
  • my lunch sack
  • my work clothes
  • my shoes (this would be the most difficult puzzle piece to fit - 3" heels don't stack well in a backpack)
  • my straightening iron
  • my hair stuff to fix the helmet head after the ride
So as part of what was an awesome Mother's Day, Justin took a couple of outfits in to the office for me and hung them in the locker room in anticipation of my Monday and Tuesday commute plan. I'm a lucky girl, huh?

So this morning, tomorrow morning, and hopefully again on Friday morning, I plan to walk out the door looking a little bit like this (why yes, that is a Minnie Mouse Thermos for my coffee):

As opposed to my typical, a little bit like this:

Off I go!!

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