Saturday, May 18, 2013

Signs of summer

We decided to go out for dinner tonight, and using a universally accepted practice known as "bribing your children," we told the kids that if they behaved at the restaurant, we would walk next door afterward and get frozen yogurt. The kids were reasonably well behaved, so once the bill was paid, we headed out the door toward Too Cool Frozen Yogurt.

It didn't take me and Justin three steps before we began having promiser's remorse (a first cousin to buyer's remorse). We had at least five different frozen treats in the freezer at home, and it suddenly seemed ridiculous to spend ten more dollars eating dessert out. Every once in a while, I think we must be doing something right as parents, because when we told them we would just go home and they could pick something from what we had, they didn't even argue. Much. 

Lucky for Caroline and John, we love ice cream at our house. I didn't realize the full extent to which we have already prepped for summer treats, but between the inside and outside freezers, our inventory includes:


And since it isn't truly summer yet, with oppressive heat and humidity, tonight is one of those evenings where you can't help but want to be outside. Nothing like swinging with your best friend, eating ice cream, as summer approaches. 

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