Monday, May 27, 2013

Prelude to summer: our Memorial Day weekend

As veterans, Justin and I are both keenly aware that Memorial Day weekend is more than just another weekend to grill out and have a day off from work. We think of all of our friends and classmates who have served, especially the six we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan since we graduated sixteen years ago. But we also recognize that the blessings we have as Americans - not the least of which is having young men and women voluntarily wearing their country's uniform - include allowing Memorial Day weekend to be that gateway to days of sunshine and relaxation; vacation and play.

This weekend started out on the wrong foot for me, quite literally - I sprained my ankle when a vicious rock jumped out in the middle of the road, directly under my foot. So much for my anticipated 14 mile run to kick off the weekend right. With my mobility significantly limited, our plans changed a bit - no hike in the park, no riding bikes. But we managed to find fun, anyway. 

Saturday morning, breakfast with Jim Gaffigan:

My kids can recite various Hot Pockets and McDonald's routines. Hilarious.

Unbelievable sunny weather for most of the weekend. We took advantage by spending as much of it outdoors as we could, whether it was at our house or at the park, playing or working:

All that playing can wear a kid out:

I think he's dreaming of all of the summer fun that's just ahead.

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