Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's like Christmas in May - except outdoors, with lots of games, and no presents

FIELD DAY!!! Are there are any other two words in the English language that create more glee and giddiness in the hearts of elementary school kids everywhere? I'm careening toward 40, and to this day, I long for just one more opportunity to play tug o' war, earthball, and round-the-base races with my classmates. Coach Waskowitz, thank you for creating the spectacular funday at the end of the school year for all of us Theiss Tigers!!!

It thrills me no end that three decades later and one state over, field day is alive and well. And - cue the trumpets - today is THE DAY. Caroline and John have been anticipating the fun for months, counting down the days until the outdoor extravaganza. Ready to go to school, 20 minutes early this morning:

Now, as you would expect, things have changed. Somehow, field day is no longer a competition, replete with blue, red and white ribbons for the winners. There is no crowning of the class champion, and you can wear shorts any day of the year, not just that one awesome day in the Houston heat. Word on the street (if the street is our dinner table, that is) indicates there will be cotton candy and face painting, along with the games and races. I was relieved to hear there would be tug o' war - and hold out hope that it isn't some softened, watered down version where everybody wins.

There's a theme for the whole school:

And each class had to choose a tribe name, mascot, and create a flag. John's class name was one of the more creative, and apparently the art teacher did the graphic design work because nothing says kindergarten field day like the Night Zombies mascot with a black flag including a terrifying cartoon zombie:

Caroline's class was a little more sedate, though surprisingly non-politically correct with the whole cowboys and indians thing going on:

Apparently these cowboys and indians are going through a woman's midlife crisis, or are potentially from the 80s, based on the zebra print background.

Ultimately, though, field day is about FUN - it doesn't really matter if the activities at Holcomb are totally different than the activities at Theiss were. They are different than the everyday, classroom routine, and as much as anything else it is a harbinger of the summer fun just over the precipice of the last day of school.

Let the wild rumpus START!!

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