Sunday, May 5, 2013

Celebrate - it's John's birthday!!

Coming home - 2007
Bathtub baby - 2007
Yesterday was John's birthday. I blinked, and all of a sudden my baby - no wait, toddler - no wait, my little boy - was six. He promises me that no matter what, he'll always be my baby, and I am sure I'll embarrass him with that on multiple occasions in the future.

1st birthday - 2008
John is my super-affectionate kid. All of the pictures he draws of us together, we're always holding hands. Lately, when I sing him his bedtime song, he snakes his little hand out from under the covers and intertwines his fingers with mine. He's always the one that will sit in my lap and just let me love on him. I dread the day he's too big for that; for now, though, he still holds my hand in public; gives me hugs just because; and lets me give him a million billion kisses without complaining.
Silly John - December 2008

Hard to believe that six years has already gone by. I love that little boy, just like I loved the infant and the toddler, and just like I know I will love the teenager, the young man, and the adult he will become.

2nd birthday - 2009
meeting Cookie Monster - July 2009
Crazy about Thomas - 3rd birthday - 2010
Halloween 2010
4th birthday - 2011
Christmas 2011

5th birthday - 2012

First day of Kindergarten - 2012
6th birthday!!
Someday he'll be all grown up. For now, though, here's to the year ahead, and the joy of being six years old!!

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