Saturday, August 31, 2013

You Live Where?: Take me out to the ball game!

I think we're there - my son is finally interested in sports. He's always been interested in kicking a ball, swinging a bat, and tackling his sister. But tonight is the first night he's wanted to understand the rules of the game

And I am in heaven, sports fans. 

I love sports. All of them with varying degrees of intensity. Baseball is my lazy summer indulgence, a soothing Sunday afternoon soundtrack that gives me permission to fall asleep on the couch. But here in Northwest Arkansas, we have our very own minor league team. Tonight is the last game of the season, and it feels great to be in the summer air of the evening that kicks off Labor Day weekend. 

As we were walking up to the stadium, John asked if these we're the Razorback players. I got to explain the whole minor league, major league thing. And he actually listened and asked questions to make sure he understood. Added bonus: Caroline was even listening. 

Inside the ballpark, we headed straight for the concession stand for the requisite hot dogs and peanuts, then settled into our seats. In the shade. Oh, sweet fancy... What a difference the shade makes. It went from dog days, unbearable sun to the perfect night at the ball game. 

I got to explain fair and foul territory; where the strike zone is; how to read the count; and a bunch of other fundamental rules of the game. 

What I say and what he hears aren't always the same thing, though: "One more out and that's the ending!" Um, well technically you're right...

More fun than a stick of cotton candy...

Caroline was kind of into it, too, asking questions:

Who's the one that's throwing again? 
The pitcher. 
Oh, yeah. What's that thing the pitcher is standing on?
The pitcher's mound. 
Is that supposed to be helpful for him or something?

Look Mommy, eyeballs!! (Take that, Washington Nationals' racing Presidents!!)

Minor league parks are big on inter-inning entertainment. So far we've watched the Crawfish Shuffle on the replay board (brought to you by Zatarains); the eyeball race (brought to you by Vold Vision); the Sundae Scoop Toss involving upside down painted traffic cones and rubber balls (brought to you by the Walmart Visitors Center); and the Triple Roll Bowl involving throwing rolls of toilet paper into a toilet seat held by your partner (brought to you by Cottonelle). I can hardly wait for the end of the fourth inning!

Under the lights!

End of the fifth and the grounds crew stops halfway around the bases to dance to the Bee Gees: Look Mommy, there's a dog in the field!!

We made it all the way to the end of the 6th inning. Game was tied, and the night had been fun, but both kiddos were on the fine line between fun and exhausted meltdown. We packed it in, headed home, and were in bed not too much later.

Hope your Labor Day weekend started off with as much fun as ours did!

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