Friday, August 16, 2013

It's that time of year

Home from our vacation to Houston (more to come!) and the changes are coming fast and furious. We went almost directly from unloading the van after our 9 hour drive to Holcomb Elementary for the Meet the Teacher Open House. School starts Monday, and we have a first and third grader. I'm excited for all the new things they'll learn!!

After dinner, the other big change was obvious... While we were gone, the summer weather decided to take a hiatus. Caroline asked if we could turn the heat on in the van:

I explained if it was April, we'd all think it was warm. For now, we've got a few days of unseasonably beautiful weather ahead of us. 

I'm sure we'll have more summer weather ahead. For now, I'll enjoy the change and just put an extra blanket on Caroline's bed. 

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