Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our special guest - Colt, John and Caroline's Saturday night

We have a special guest this evening - our friend Colt's mom and dad had a fundraising gala to attend, so we got to have Colt over! He's such a precious little boy, and some of the things he says absolutely crack. me. up. Here are some highlights from our evening!

Car ride conversation on the way to Saturday mass:

My best friend is four. She's still in preschool. We've been friends for about twenty-one years. Or maybe a few months. 

My birthday is June 18th. That was fifty years ago. Or maybe a week ago. 

Leaving mass: your church is waaaaay different than mine!

At the restaurant: say pizza!!

Caroline, let's make a together picture.

Ms. Amanda, when someone's done talking on a walkie talkie, do you say Rogers Backs?

And reading Treasure Island before bed: Ms. Amanda, are we going to read any books that have pictures on every page or just this one with words?

Every moment is special - and some are funnier than others. We're so glad Colt got to spend Saturday evening with us!!

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