Sunday, August 4, 2013

Finish what I started

Sewing is one of my hobbies, and I have the ideal set up. Not long after we moved here, Justin found this excellent thing called the Sewing Box. It looks like a nice piece of furniture up in our bonus room:

But when you open it up, it turns into the perfect sewing corner for me. Sweet.

Everything I need at my fingertips
Pivot in my chair, and cutting station behind me
I can sew, watch football, and be with the kids while they play, all at the same time. Unfortunately, my sweet set up conveniently hides something: I have a ton of projects I've bought everything for, but never started. The evidence is literally piled up against me:

How many projects, you ask? Here's the list:
  • Music fabric twirl skirt for Caroline
  • Doll cheerleader outfit
  • Doll Colonial outfit (what was I thinking?!)
  • Pink dress for me (this was supposed to be my Easter dress two years ago - hmph)
  • Monkey pajamas for John (please note how small the children on the pattern are...)

Hard to be an example to the kids when it comes to finishing what you start when I have all of these projects piled up, some literally for years. No time like the present to fix an outage, so I have officially made a mid-year resolution: finish all projects by December 31st

Fifteen projects, five months left in the year. Hoooo boy... better get started. I spent most of the day yesterday in front of my sewing machine and managed to knock out two of the projects on the list. This might not be too hard, after all!! 

So about the little kids on the pattern... Given that I've had this project since we lived in Ohio (ahem), I had to lengthen the pants for John, and didn't have enough fabric to make the top, but hey. Don't big boys do just sleep pants, anyway?
My little monkey
And despite my intent to finish my projects and not buy anything else until they're done, I'm apparently missing some of the notions, so I had to run to Joann's for elastic yesterday. Even with that errand, though, I got one of the twirl skirts done for Caroline:
Razorback Red if she ever decides to
root for the Hogs!
Now I ask you - what's your mid-year resolution?


  1. YEAH YOU!!! Don't feel bad, I have fabric, patterns and notions for outfits for my kiddos. Little coats, little pajamas, jumpers, skirts and so on. All with similar sizes to the patterns you are showing. My kids are 21 and 23 now. I'm saving the stuff for grandkids now. ;) Seriously though I did get rid of a LOT of it when we made this most recent move.
    Cj Jay

    1. Now THAT is funny about the little kid stuff for *your* kids!! LOL I'm hoping this resolution also keeps me from overbuying in the future, but we'll see...