Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today's Your Day - You're 8, Hooray!

No cliches about time flying or my baby getting too big - I love every moment with my kids, the big and the small, and look forward to all the moments to come. Today, my daughter, my child who first gave me the name "Mommy," turns 8.

Caroline is a bright, sweet, kind, giving, and loving child. Every day I see a little bit more of her personality blossom, and learn a little bit more about how to be a better mom.

So here's to you, Caroline, and everything you did in the last year to learn, grow, and become who you are on this day - the only 8th birthday you'll ever have!

Caroline picked all three meals on her birthday,
starting with breakfast at Briar Rose
Birthday breakfast of Monkey Bread at Briar Rose
Pizza lunch with friends
Swimming at the Springdale Aquatic Center
Who needs birthday cake when you have cupcakes from Bliss??
Man, that's a lot of presents...
My baby, the birthday girl 
Hooray for being 8 years old!!

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