Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making Progress - my mid-year resolution

So about that mid-year resolution. I may need a stretch goal. Apparently, I overestimated how hard some of these projects were going to be. I knocked out one more in the last few days, bringing my total completed projects to three.

The doll cheerleader outfit:

Lucky for me, I'm actually down from 15 projects to only 11 left to do. Turns out, I made the doll Aurora dress last year, and just have so much left over fabric that I thought it hadn't been started.

  • Tooth fairy pillow for John
  • Red/black/white twirl skirt for Caroline
  • Music fabric twirl skirt for Caroline
  • Doll cheerleader outfit
  • Doll Belle dress
  • Doll Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Doll Colonial outfit
  • Five coloring bags for friends' and cousins' kids
  • Brown pants for me
  • Pink dress for me
  • Monkey pajamas for John

It never fails, with every project, there's always one thing that I messed up, but when I realize it, it is usually too late to go back and fix it. On this one, I mistakenly flipped the ribbons on the sleeves, so that the blue and red stripes don't match up with the bodice. Oh, well. Let's just all pretend it's supposed to be that way.

It's also true that with every project, I get a little bit better. My seams get a little bit straighter; my darts match up a little bit more precisely; my hems get a little bit more even. This was my first attempt at pleats, and I'm proud to say that the skirt at least looks like a pleated skirt.

When I think about the prom dresses my mother made in high school, I can't even begin to imagine the intricate pattern piecing and stitching she had to do. I knew then that they were pretty complicated projects, but honestly, I had no idea just how complicated.

Sure am glad I don't have a prom dress on my project list.

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