Sunday, March 10, 2013

The games they play

It's a rainy Sunday, with no plans for going anywhere this afternoon, and the kids are in charge of entertaining each other. With a couple of bites left of their lunch, the squabbling began... with Caroline screeching that John never plays the games she wants to play, and John thundering back that he just.doesn'

Threats of spending the afternoon alone, in their respective rooms, easily put an end to the arguing. I've learned that asking questions about their plans tends to lead to negotiations and compromises, too, so I inquired what game it was that Caroline wanted to play and John didn't.

C: "It doesn't really have a name. It's just a game where the kids have money and are in charge."

Does any really great, made up game from the imagination of a child have a name? How easily we forget that. John gave it some thought, though:

J: "It's called Kid Lifestyle."

I had no idea what that really meant, but it was catchy, and the arguing ended. Apparently once John had put his own stamp on it, he was much more interested in playing the game. They disappeared upstairs and the playing commenced.

Mommy and Daddy were left with the blissful semi-quiet downstairs, and everyone was happy. I had to run out for a couple of errands, and upon returning home, found the kids still playing enthusiastically together. Not sure what they're playing - apparently Kid Lifestyle already ran its course - but they're happy, not fighting, and not in front of a screen. Success.

So on this rainy, grey Sunday, thought I'd share what happiness in our house looks like today.

They've been busy.

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