Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just a Swingin'

Spring Break week here in Arkansas, and the weather forecast isn't exactly spring-like. Last Saturday was beautiful, but the next day saw rain, gray skies, and chilly, chilly temperatures.

Monday wasn't much better, but by the time I got home at least it was dry out. Given that the kids were already bouncing off the walls, stir crazy with having been home all day, Justin had sent them outside to play in the backyard. They were happily looking through the cracks in the fence talking to the dogs next door when I looked out the window, and I got two happy waves back when they saw me.

My respite when I get home generally lasts exactly the amount of time it takes 1) for the kids to realize I'm home and 2) for them to cross whatever distance lays between us. Monday was no different; within 10 minutes of being home I had already been talked into putting my sneakers on and participating in backyard races between the fences. Strangely, I can run a marathon, but six times back and forth across the backyard, and I was winded. I was also soundly beaten by both kiddos.

I begged off, claiming too-tiredness and chilliness with the sun having gone down behind the neighbor's house. It was too cold in the shadows of late day without a coat, so off I went back inside.

I escaped inside to help Justin with dinner, but with all the windows in our kitchen, I had no problem keeping an eye on the kiddos while they kept playing outside. They eventually migrated to the playset (which, as an aside, I continually think was worth every.single.penny we spent on it - and that was a lot of pennies) to sit on the swings.

I knew what was coming - a request for me to come outside and push. I did my best to not-look; eye contact in this situation would have done me in. Kids are persistent, though, and always know what it takes to get their way - just a few minutes later, Caroline burst in the back door. Not to ask for me to come out and push John, though. Nope - bigger news.

John had finally, finally learned how to pump his legs and propel himself on the swing. This is yet another one those things you think kids Just Know. Wrong again - despite multiple efforts over the last many months, John just hasn't been able to get the rhythm down of extend the legs, bend the knees, and shift your weight back and forth to propel the swing back and forth, up and down. I guess it took his big sister explaining the concept, though, because he got it. Finally.

And both kids were happily swinging together, chattering excitedly, comparing how high they could get and talking about rocket ships.

Isn't this how we'd all like to spend the evenings? Not a care in the world, our best friend by our side. Just a swingin'.

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