Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Feature: John's artwork

I know he's only in kindergarten, but I have high expectations for my son when it comes to school. High expectations for both of my kids, but Caroline is an achievement oriented child who rarely needs an extra push to do her best.

John, on the other hand, frequently sees school as one big play date.

He's very smart, and highly capable. But sometimes his work comes home and it's obvious that he rushed through it, that he didn't give it his best effort. We frequently talk about all the reasons it's so important to do your best in school, usually ending with "because smart people rule the world."

This week's artwork I think shows John's cleverness, his ability that exceeds expectations for kindergarten level work. But look closely - up in the top left hand corners you'll see the teacher made a note that says "2nd try." Because his first try was pitiful and unacceptable.

Much better to learn this lesson early, huh?

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