Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rabbit food for my bunnies

We've hit another milestone - both of my kids ask for salads with their dinners. Well, salad, loosely defined.

John primarily likes salad for the cucumbers and ranch dressing. Unfortunately, tonight we are out of cucumbers, so his salad consists of... Lettuce and one baby carrot, sliced up. Hold the tomatoes, please.

Caroline waffled on lettuce for a long time, but the love of ranch dressing overcame her ambivalence toward the leafy stuff. So tonight, for her, it's lettuce, tomatoes, and... Oh, wait. That's it. Just lettuce and tomatoes.

I thought both of these an insubstantial effort for salad, so I rattled off all of the other options... Green onions (blech face), mushrooms (gagging noise), peppers (Mom, are you crazy? face), croutons... Wait, whaaaaaat? Stop the presses - croutons? Yes, please.


  1. we have determined that lettuce is the problem with salads. now are salads consist of chopped veggies (heavy on the carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers) and no lettuce at all. fine with upsets my stomach. good luck with your bunnies!

    1. Susan, that's hilarious!! I think with Caroline, the lettuce is a texture thing... turns out, she didn't eat the salad after all. Drowned it in dressing, picked the croutons out, left the rest kind pushed around the side of the bowl. Nice try, huh?!