Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sounds A Little Fishy To Me

After two years of attending Caroline's music programs, it was finally time for John's debut. The Holcomb kindergarten classes were ready to debut their spring program, "Sounds A Little Fishy To Me!"

We had received a note several weeks ago indicating John had a speaking part, and that he needed to practice his line: something along the lines of, "For the fish that never grims."

Grims? I just assumed it was a play on words, though the concept of "grim" felt a little off in a kindergarten music program. No matter - practice we did, and John was ready to go! The day of the program, there was a dress rehearsal for all of the other grades in the school. John apparently nailed his line - and also apparently got feedback from big sister that she was pretty sure it was supposed to be "the fish that never GRINS." Script editing, people! Stat! Good thing John is used to taking orders feedback easily from Big Sister.

Evening program started at 7:00, and the music makers needed to arrive by 6:45. As they were finishing up dinner I asked if John needed a costume. Nope - well, I mean, other than a beach shirt. And a beach towel. And sunglasses, if we have them. But that's not a costume.

Off to hunt for a "beach shirt" in the closet... I suggested several sleeveless shirts, all of which were pronounced not-beach shirts. Fine... we are officially at the age that they can pick their own clothes. Not the fight to pick. John apparently interpreted glow-in-the-dark-Spiderman as a beach shirt. The glasses and towel set it off well, I think.

Once we got to the cafeteria after drop off at the music room, I realized that getting there at 6:45 was apparently getting there late. We were in the back row. Seriously, people? What time did you get here? You know it's a kindergarten music program, right? Guess I'm not winning Mom of the Year...

Off we go, recorded music, lots of sweet little voices that sound like music with unintelligble words, but cute nonetheless.

With the edited script, John's line made sense, and he nailed it:

I'm still not 100% sure what context it was in, but whatever - he was speaking into a microphone and I could hear him. I win.

As we watched John throughout the program, there was a lot of body language that indicated he was just-not-that-into-it. A little bit of nose picking, lots of messing around with the sunglasses. Singing, yes, but not so much with the hand movements the other kids did as part of the songs. I think it's just not really his thing, but I hate to make assumptions, so on the way home I asked him what he thought.

Me: "John, did you like being in that program?"
Caroline: "Yes!!"
Me: "Let me ask John that question. John, did you like being in that program?"
John : "Um, I don't really know about it. Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom."

A star is born.

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