Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crazy car conversations

On the way home tonight:

J: "It's getting hot back here."
M: "Sorry, buddy. I had the heat on because I was cold."
C: "Mommy is always cold."
J: "I wish I was Mommy so I was cold."
M: "Do you think the house will be nice and cozy when we get home?"
J: "Yeah! Maybe it will be 120 degrees!"
M: "I hope not, buddy. That would be super hot!"
C: "Yeah! Maybe it will be 65 degrees."
M: "I think Daddy likes to keep it at about 68 degrees, honey."
C: "Ms. Mitchell's classroom is 78 degrees. It's like the classroom is the boiling water pot and I'm the lobster."



J: "I see stars!"
M: "Oh yeah? Which ones?"
J: "I see Orion's belt!"
M: "John, how do you know which one is Orion?"
J: "Daddy showed me!"
M: "How many stars are in Orion's belt?" (Mommy is, by nature, a skeptic.)
J: "Three!" (Guess he showed me.)
M: "What else do you look for when you see Orion's belt, John?"
J: "His sword!"
M: "Wow, John, that's really good!" (I seriously can't believe my kids know this stuff.)
M: "What else do you see in Orion, John?"
J: "His pistol!"

At this point, I feel at least a little bit vindicated in my skepticism.

M: "You silly, Orion doesn't have a pistol. You can find his feet and hands."
J, laughing like a goon: "I know. I just like to say the word pistol."