Saturday, January 5, 2013

Time space continuum

Today was a big day - John's first play date. He's been dying to go over to his friend's house for weeks, and apparently the two of them have made big plans while they're at school about all the fun they'll have. Lucky for them, their moms finally got it together. Today, we would make it happen.

Of course, knowing there was a playdate in the afternoon, the "is it time to go?" questions reached a fever pitch starting, oh, about two seconds after breakfast was finished.

When is it time to go, Mommy?
When it's time to go, John.
When will that be?
Around 1:30, John.

Thirty minutes later.

Is it time to go now, Mommy?
No, John. Not until after lunch.
** brief pause **
Can we have lunch now?

Guess I ain't raising no dummy.

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