Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The lure of the pixels

I remember being enamored with computers when I was about 7 years old. But that meant being enamored with a Commodore 64 and Space Invaders. Now, it's a whoooooooole different story.

I know every parent now has to make the call on how much computer time is right for their kid. If I left it up to John, that number would be somewhere around 39 hours a day, 12 days a week, for 94 weeks a year. That translates to roughly ALL THE TIME.


Justin and I usually do a good job of monitoring the time in front of the screen, keeping it to a reasonable amount. Then there are nights like tonight where the response to "Mommy, can I get on the computer?" is an unhesitating "Sure, buddy." Followed quickly by sweet Caroline asking, "Can I get on the little computer, too?" You bet, sweet peaches. Too tired to even think about how to say no nicely for the millionth time.

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