Monday, January 7, 2013

Big numbers

At the beginning of 2012, I had a goal of running 100 miles each month for a total of 1,200 miles for the year. With 2012 in the rear view mirror, I figured it was time to add it up and take stock.

Bad news: I didn't run 100 miles each month.

Good news: I crushed my goal.

Kind of hard for me to believe, but I ended the year with a total of just over 1,343 miles. I had a few spring months where I didn't get that many miles in; must've been recovering from two marathons in two weeks, or looking for a triathlon to cross train for. But two big months to close out the year with 170 in November and 175 in December got me across the finish line.

It's funny - while pretty much every non-runner I know may think I'm a little nuts (or at least odd), they at least think of me as a runner. Or maybe that's Runner, capital R, Runner. But for me, it's been one of those goals to attain.

Oh, Amanda? Yeah, she'll be a runner someday, if she just sticks with it.

But 2012 - that was the year I stuck with it. Maybe looking back at 2013, I'll be able to claim Marathoner, too.

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