Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's resolutions

So I tend to make resolutions - or at least a list of goals - every year. So far this year, I've come up with three:

1. Start and keep a blog for one year
2. Take one photo every day
3. Stop messing with my phone while I'm in the driver's seat!!!

I have several race and fitness goals, but those feel like a different list. Maybe a post for another day.

So I figure while most resolutions are kaput within a month (highly scientific research accomplished by considering my own resolutions over the last few years), I've at least taken a positive step by getting a blog post down on day one.

So why blog? I know the reasons are varied; when you google blogging for beginners there are all kinds of tips for monetizing your blog, optimizing your searchability, and gaining lots of followers. Nope, not my goals. I mostly want to try and capture the little moments that slip through your fingers; the funny things the kids say that you think you'll never forget; the sweet things people say that touch your heart in that moment; the triumphs and tribulations of living life one day at a time, 365 days a year.

So that's the plan. I'm sure there will be days that will consist of nothing but a photo, and there will certainly be days that go by without any entries at all. But it's a year long project, so if I'm blogging on New Year's Eve 2013, then that's one resolution I'll have proof was kept.


  1. Blogs are better than FB!! Have fun with it.

  2. I love this goal. I can't wait to read more! You'll be less and less impressed with other bloggers as you realize how easy it is once you have the outlet -- I think you'll be hooked. ;)

  3. I think when you look back months or years from now, you'll be happy to have this record. Good luck with your goals. My goal to is post by goals by this weekend.