Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ready to run

'twas the night before Houston, and all in my head,
I'm spinning and spazzing and feeling some dread.
I'll be up quite early and there might be light rain,
But I'm shooting for 3:40 with minimal pain.

My family supports me (while saying "She's nuts!")
Though they also would say that this takes some real guts.
I've trained and I've sweated; I've planned and strategized.
Now it's time to go out and chick a bunch of guys!

No matter the weather, it's go time tomorrow,
And the marathon will likely deliver some joy and some sorrow.
I'm hoping for mostly the joy on my run,
Starting right off with the sound of the gun.

So if you're in the Bayou City and need something to do,
Come on downtown for the parade of the shoes.
I line up alone but from the start to the end,
I'll be running with 25,000 of my new closest friends!

Full race report to come!!

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