Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is what happens when...

One of my goals in 2013 is to take at least one picture per day. A month into the new year, meh... I'm close, with a couple of days undocumented. Part of sticking to the goal, though, has been enrolling the help of the kids.

It doesn't matter what the picture is of; I didn't have a checklist or artistic notion when I set the goal. I just thought it would be interesting at the end of the year to have one picture from every day to pictorially define "A Year in the Life of the Coussoules."

When I take the pictures, inevitably, the subject is one or both of the kids, 99% of the time. I have managed to get a few pictures of me, thanks to my always-accommodating world's-greatest husband. I figured as part of the picture-a-day project, I could document the wardrobe makeover from last year. Another blog post, another day. :)

When the kids take the pictures, though... talk about a different perspective. I just downloaded the pictures they took over the weekend, and was once again struck by the magic and the gift of digital photography. At no cost to anyone, the kids gleefully ran around the house snapping shots of whatever struck their fancy.

And, at no cost to you, here are some of my favorites so we can all see their day through their eyes.

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