Sunday, November 24, 2013

What a work week

It was another one of those weeks where in the course of any given day, I found myself with a grin on my face thinking, "I love my job." The people, the things we do, the fun we have - I'm so grateful that most days, I walk into work with a smile on my face.

I was out of the office four of the five days prior to last week; I had a meeting in Cincinnati, and then stayed home with sick kiddos on Friday. When I got to my desk early Monday morning, this is what greeted me:

It's a well known fact that I'm a sports fan; a football fanatic; and faithful to the Texas Aggies. So while I found this hilarious - me and Nick Saban, we're apparently Besties now - the timing was curious. I mean, it's been a couple of weeks since 'Bama beat the Ags, and on top of that, I have no idea who did it.

Still funny.

Tuesday was our first Sales Manager offsite for our team. We have a few offsites for the managers throughout the course of the year, but this is the first one that was focused on those of us functionally coded as Sales. Team building, cohesion, and friendly competition - all of that in an excursion to Lewis & Clark for the rock climbing wall, and then the Apple Blossom Brewery for happy hour.

I have never been rock climbing, and I will be the first to admit that I underestimated how physically demanding it is. I made it to the top of the "easy" climb - barely - but couldn't conquer the medium difficulty climb. I paid for my multiple efforts for the rest of the week, with sore back and shoulder muscles. Strange how running a bazillion miles doesn't prepare you for upper body exertion...

Bonus of happy hour was finding a neat, local microbrewery. I told Justin we need to check it out sometime. Excellent food, solid hefeweizen, and fun conversation. 

Wednesday I think I actually got some work done... no pictures to share on that one.

Thursday, though, the big event for the week - the Cover Girl tie in with the premiere of the new Hunger Games trilogy movie: Catching Fire. Corporately we have a big tie in with the films, and our local Cover Girl team went all out to bring it to life in our building. I was chosen to represent one of the Districts and the associated Cover Girl look inspired by District 2, Masonry:

What total fun to get all did up. The local Paul Mitchell cosmetology school sent a troop of people over, and it was managed chaos as they did hair, makeup and nails for about fifteen people in prep for the big reveal to the team. 

Added bonus: free tickets to see the sneak preview of the movie that night. A new experience for me - seeing a movie with a theater full of people I actually know. 

Friday got a slow start - no run for me that morning, between getting in super late and being a big baby about the cold and wet weather. But a fun surprise to wrap up my week was waiting for me when I got to my desk:

Again, common knowledge I'm a football fanatic, and on Sundays, a diehard Cowboys fan. 

So now I've got me another piece to put up on the walls in the bonus room to add to the decor.

What a week. All I need to do now is to actually get some work done while I'm on vacation to make up for all the fun I had.

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