Monday, November 11, 2013

And so it begins

Last Friday night, I got to go to a party. And not just any party - a grown up birthday party. And, of course, not just any grown up birthday party - a FORTIETH BIRTHDAY party.
Greg in the limelight - not his favorite place to be!
Whoo. I just finished up the "my friends are all having babies" phase. That phase had directly followed the "my friends are all getting married phase" which of course was a logical consequence of having passed through the "my friends are all getting engaged" phase. 

When I found myself swiftly approaching 30, I had a little moment. A, what do you mean 30? moment. I decided I needed to do something big, something monumental. So I trained for and ran my first marathon. 

It's funny, though, how what seemed big and monumental at 30 is pretty much routine at 40. I mean, not just marathons. Things like, I am going to take a fun vacation this year. And, my kids said something funny or intelligent or totally unexpected. Or, my friends make me feel good about how I look. No catty remarks allowed. It's kind of like I was on a high wire through my 20s, and opinions, words, impressions and looks made me teeter one way or the other. Then in my 30s, I... Well, actually, I have been sleep deprived for much of my 30s. Two kids, demanding job, my newfound devotion to excessive running. 

I wouldn't change it, of course. Without the constant angst of my 20s or the relentless exhaustion of my 30s (so far), I don't think I'd be ready to face my 40s when they do finally arrive. 

So as I approach 40 - careen toward it, I like to say, as that sounds so much more fun than approach - I'm okay with this "going to 40th birthday parties" phase. I don't think the balloons should be black; I don't think the over the hill jokes apply. I also don't think 40 is the new 30. Forty is 40, and I'm glad it is. We've all earned the knowledge and wisdom we have, and are blessed to be starting a new decade. I have another year to go before I get there, but the company getting there with me is excellent. 

So once again, happy birthday to my friend Greg. Thanks for being the one that kicks off this phase of my life. And here's to 40 truly being fabulous. 

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