Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Feature: Caroline's schoolwork

Third grade seems to be the year that learning begins to morph into something resembling what we all remember from when we were kids. Book reports, weekly spelling tests, learning about the three branches of government. Reading, too. Lots and lots of reading. In third grade, you are done learning to read - now, you read to learn.

They have been studying the U.S. Government in class, including the office of the Presidency. We've talked a little bit about it at home, but of course, most of my knowledge of the school day is shared in between bites over family dinner. And since half of those snippets of information pertain to recess or art class or lunchtime, I don't have what we could call a full picture of what their little brains soak up, day to day.

I loved this worksheet that came home in Caroline's backpack on Monday. Not only does it show in the first column what she's learned (I'll work on the Teddy vs. Franklin thing, don't worry), in the middle column, it also showed me what made her stop and think.

I'm happy that she wonders if a woman can be President at the same time it makes me sad that we still haven't had a woman to show her it's possible.

Keep wondering, Caroline. When we ask why, we make progress.

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  1. This makes me smile for her little empowered heart. Mama, you are doing something right with that smart, confident, curious girl. Keep it up.