Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Feature: Daddy's pumpkin artwork

Every year for the last... hmmmm... probably ten years, I've carved our jack o' lanterns. In fact, I can remember sitting on our front step in Maryland the day after my very first marathon, pretty much sore from head to toe, scopping out pumpkin guts and carving a jack o' lantern smile, determined that we would have a sign of the season on our front step.

This year, though, things just worked against me. Work has been crazy busy; the kids' evening activities have been one after the other; and to top it off, Halloween was on a Thursday. With the warm weather back, it wasn't like I could carve the pumpkins over the weekend. I've seen a rotting pumpkin, and if you haven't, trust me - you don't want that on your doorstep. Besides, we were busy all weekend, two full days of activities. So I convinced myself I'd find time to do it on Monday or Tuesday evening, and all would be as usual for the Coussoule Halloween.

Except, of course, that didn't happen. Monday night, I ran out of steam. Tuesday night, I think I ran out of steam again. Wednesday night, we had tennis lessons and went out to dinner afterward.

Daddy to the rescue.

He scooped the guts, let the kids pick out their patterns, and got the job done.

Too bad my photography doesn't do his artwork justice. Still, our pumpkins say just what we wanted them to say. Happy Halloween!

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