Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Feature: No Rest for the Weary

I've been gone most of the week, in Cincinnati on business from very early Tuesday morning until very late Thursday evening, so I didn't see most of the schoolwork that came home this week. Then, this morning, when I went to find what did come home on Monday, it had long since gone into the recycling bin and off to the city's central point.

Then, to top it off, John came home from school sick yesterday and was still running a fever this morning, so no school for him today, which meant no potential for anything coming home in his backpack today, either. Caroline got off the bus with a few things, but nothing that seemed Friday Feature-worthy.

Good thing we're the meanest parents in the world and made John do worksheets while he was home sick today.

If you are a parent, you know that kids don't know how to be sick. I mean, if I was running a 101 degree fever, I'd be on the couch watching SportsCenter and snoozing in between chapters of whatever book I was reading. But when the medicine kicks in, kids decide they're not really sick, and want to bounce off the walls until it's time for the next dose of ibuprofen. So we took advantage of one of those bursts of energy and made him sit down with Mommy at the kitchen table to work right alongside.

No rest for the weary in the Coussoule household. Until the medicine wears off, at least.

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