Monday, July 1, 2013

I have baby fever!!

No, not what you think... I have baby fever because I have a new niece!!!

Claire Eleanor is two weeks old today, and I got to see her last weekend when I was home for a visit. It is literally impossible not to raise my voice and squeak like a toy mouse whenever I talk about her because SHE'S SO CUTE!!!!!

Being an aunt is pretty much awesome. Having a sister who is your forever friend who has her first baby is also pretty much awesome. I feel so, so lucky to have another family member to love on.

But babies grow up fast, so I've already told Claire that she and I will do all kinds of things together. Like run her first marathon together. I told her she could have 20 years to train. She'll also get the benefit of three older cousins who will take care of her whenever we all get together.

Now to get all of the cousins together - August visit home, put it on the calendar!!

That little doodlebug is so TEENY!!

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  1. She fits perfectly in your arms. Are you sure you don't want another one? ;)