Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Feature: Journaling Homework

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

When I was a kid, that was an almost unfathomable amount of money. Now that I'm a grown up, working on a business managing almost half a billion in retail sales and over $60 million in trade funds (that's right - over the course of a year I write checks for $60 million dollars - not bad for an English major), a million dollars doesn't really seem like all that much money.

But then again, maybe it's because those $60 million dollars aren't my dollars.

When our office pool won $10,000 in the lottery, I was straight up giddy. And that's a couple of zeros short of a million dollars. So when I really, truly think about it, there's still that little kid in side of me saying - A MILLION DOLLARS!!! WOWEEWOWOW!!!!

Since I want the kids to have fun as much as I want them to learn this summer, several of the journaling topics are intended to be just that: fun. And in a world where your allowance is only about $2 (and that comes sporadically when Mommy remembers), what's more fun than thinking about how to spend a million dollars?

If I had a million dollars... I'd be rich.

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