Thursday, March 13, 2014

Two wheels of freedom!

It finally happened - John can ride his bike! They came off months ago, just in time for Mommy to break her ankle and John to lose his bike-balancer for a few months. Then the colder winter weather set in, and we had to wait for spring before we could try again.
It got a little bit tougher after several months without being on a bike, in large part because John seems to have grown another several inches. His bike doesn't really fit him any more, which if you've ever ridden a bike that's too small, you know makes it that much more challenging to get going and stay upright.
Big sister got in on the act; she rode alongside him, then helped him move the pedals a little bit until they were in just the right place to start by himself.

I'm thrilled that John is finally riding his bike; the feeling of freedom that comes with having transportation just a little bit faster than your own two feet is a childhood milestone. For Caroline, it also means Mommy and Daddy might let her go a little farther than just around the block if her little brother comes with her, because there's something less frightening about both of my children riding a couple of blocks down than just my baby girl by herself.
John rides his bike with the same intensity he does just about everything else, and celebrates with the same goofiness of just about everything else, too.
John has joined the big boy club now - I see many hours of summer fun ahead, tearing up the sidewalks in our neighborhood basking in the freedom that comes with riding a bike.

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