Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's Spring Break, and I'm on vacation!!

I am so looking forward to a week of vacation. The kids are on Spring Break, and I took the week off from work. We aren't going anywhere and have no specific plans to do anything, just a list of things to catch up on; an opportunity to spend time doing hobbies that get the short shrift; a couple of projects with the kids; and maybe some outdoor activities if the weather cooperates.

Always a big if around here.

While the kids have declared that Spring Break doesn't officially start until tomorrow, I say it started as soon as I shut down my computer at work on Friday afternoon, and we began trying to make the most of it first thing Saturday. I got my weekend run in with friends, picked donuts up for breakfast on the way home, and then we all headed out for errands. Summer bathing suit and Easter outfits for the kids: check.

Next stop, Hobby Lobby - Caroline has to make a model of Neptune as homework this week, due the Monday they go back to school. I had "paint a styrofoam ball blue" in my head. Bravo to Caroline for choosing Neptune and not Jupiter or Saturn! Daddy had other ideas, though - and my "paint a styrofoam ball blue" idea quickly morphed into a full blown diorama behind the planet that will now include its rings and 13 moons.
Note the model airplane kit.
Daddy couldn't let John feel left out.
Yeah. Because that's for John, not Daddy. Ha!
This project will take a little longer than I anticipated, but it should be fun. Next stop, the library!

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Our plans went sideways when we came out to the parking lot and the car wouldn't start:
Is anybody else thinking what I was thinking?
 It's a Honda!! It's not supposed to break!!
After a couple of hours of waiting, towing, talking to the Honda Service Center, and then finally getting home, we got back on track, but that left a couple of errands undone. We did make it to Saturday Mass, though, which meant we could sleep in on Sunday morning.

Everyone except Mommy - I got up this morning to do what runners do - join my running twin for part of her 20 miler this morning. A couple of mid-mileage runs this weekend, and my taper is in front of me for the Hogeye Marathon next Sunday.
Standard for the bathroom hooks during the winter:
Layers of stinky running gear
I think I'll get up early and run at least a couple of other days this week - you see, when I get up early, my days are longer, and I can cram more into my days off. There is a method to my madness...

So this is what Spring Break looks like so far at our house. More to come on a week of unscheduled fun.

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