Thursday, March 6, 2014

Even the Tooth Fairy got hit by the bad weather

Big news again - John lost a front tooth on Monday. I think of the front teeth as much bigger deals than the other teeth. Maybe because they're more obvious; maybe because there's a song about them; maybe because when the grown up teeth come in, they don't quite seem to fit the little person's face so I miss those tiny front teeth a little more than the others.

Regardless, lost teeth = payday for most kids, and John is no exception. Except for when the Tooth Fairy doesn't arrive the first night... and then again the second night. By Wednesday morning when the tooth pillow still held the tooth and was conspicuous in its lack of holding money, there was one very disappointed little boy that appeared downstairs ready for school.

And one set of parents who felt really, really badly about that Tooth Fairy not showing up. I asked John if maybe he thought she had to go to the bank because she ran out of money - it got a laugh, but that was short lived. Daddy tried to reason that maybe she had a hard time getting here because the weather has been so bad. I mean, if the airlines can't get in and out of Arkansas, maybe the Tooth Fairy couldn't, either.

Turns out Daddy was closer than Mommy, because when John came bouncing downstairs this morning, he held this in his hand:

Who knew that snowball season was also high season for lost teeth? But the note wasn't the best part of it for John. Maybe the Tooth Fairy felt guilty, but she came through in the end.
When you're 6 years old, $5 is big money. The bar has been raised, Tooth Fairy - unless you can explain that $5 in a note next time, too.

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