Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Feature: Read Across America

Today is Read Across America celebration day at Holcomb! A few days late, as the official celebration is on Dr. Seuss' March 2nd birthday, but a fun day nonetheless. The last couple of years, the theme has been focused on Dr. Seuss, but this year the kids were challenged to dress up as their favorite book character.

For Caroline, that was EASY - Harry Potter is hands down her favorite. And Mom and Dad have entered the bonus round, as the Halloween costume got used AGAIN!!

John was far less interested in participating; I asked him the other night if maybe he wanted to be Shaggy or Scooby, since he's read a lot of Scooby Doo mysteries lately, but he was emphatically against that idea. Good thing, too, since I have no idea where I would've gotten either of those costumes. I noodled on it a little bit longer and landed on Stink, Judy Moody's little brother.

John tore through the Stink books; I haven't read them myself, but my best guess is that Stink Is Judy's mischievous, smart-alecky little brother. If I'm right, then it's self-explanatory why John loves those books. Easiest costume ever, too - pants, red shirt. John did ask this morning if I could color his hair yellow... um, no. Spikes achieved through gel, yes. Reasonable compromise.

So here's to reading for learning, reading for pleasure, reading for whatever your heart's desire!

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