Thursday, December 26, 2013

Finishing What I Started: Update on my mid-year resolution

Back in August, I shared that I was a bit of a pack rat when it came to sewing projects. Over the years, I had accumulated more than a handful of projects that had gathered dust without any plan for completion. I made a resolution that I would go on a craft-buying diet until all of the projects were done - and the list wasn't small. Fifteen things to finish, almost all of them different patterns, with a deadline of December 31st.

So here we are, and 2013 is almost finished - and I'm more than just a little giddy when I can say

I DID IT!!!!

Nothing like coming down to the wire - the last dress took every spare minute I had between putting away Christmas decorations and packing for our trip to Houston. But if there was ever an example of where writing things down and giving myself a deadline are a sure way to make sure I stick to a plan, this is it.

Once again, this time with feeling, the projects I laid out for myself back on August 5th:

  • Tooth fairy pillow for John
  • Red/black/white twirl skirt for Caroline
  • Music twirl skirt for Caroline
  • Doll cheerleader outfit
  • Doll Belle dress
  • Doll Sleeping Beauty dress
  • Doll Colonial outfit
  • Five coloring bags for friends and cousins' kids
  • Brown pants for me
  • Pink dress for me
  • Monkey pajamas for John

I can't say that every single project was a smashing success - in fact, the brown pants were such a terrible fit that they went straight to Goodwill. I hope some very, very thin woman finds them. The pieces for my kiddos probably won't last another season - John's pajama pants were short from the first fitting, despite lengthening them as much as the fabric allowed, and the waist on both skirts for Caroline are tight enough that if they make it to fourth grade, I'll be surprised. Thrilled, but surprised.

I also didn't get pictures of everything - below is evidence of a few, and you'll just have to trust me on the others!

John's pajama pants and tooth pillow:
Caroline's twirl skirts:
Coloring bags:

Pink dress for me (I promise, it looks much better on me than on the hanger):

And finally, the best dressed American Girl dolls in Arkansas:

Belle, an All American cheerleader, and the envy of the American Colonies

It feels great to have all of those projects done. I don't think I'll run out and buy more fabric any time soon, either; my remnant basket overflows with the detritus of good intentions, and I have enough craft patterns that I'll give it a go to use those remnants up before investing in another project.

Far be it for me to not have something going on, though, some sort of list to work off of. Across the room from my sewing spot is my scrapbooking cabinet... so come 2014, I'll put another list together of long-neglected projects, and I'll take it from there.

Here's to finishing what I've started!!

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