Sunday, December 1, 2013

December goal: 31 days of running

I follow several running pages on Facebook and more than one blog that focuses on my obsession, and throughout the year I always see calls to "join in!" for a month of running every day. I've always managed to ignore those, focusing on my current training plan or just not feeling the need to participate.

Maybe because I missed three months of running this summer, or maybe because I'm going to miss my annual mileage goal, or maybe just because I want a new goal to work toward, I decided to give it a whirl this month. 

So for December, I'm going to try and run every day. Every. Single. Day. No minimum mileage required, just put my shoes on and and get out there. Shouldn't be too hard, honestly - I'm hitting mileage ramp up time for my January marathon, so there aren't too many rest days on my schedule, anyway. 

And with this weather coming, I probably need extra motivation to get this weekend's 20 miler in the books:

Man oh man, snow in December?? And I thought the temps in the mid-20s were bad. It's been unseasonably cold already this year; looks like we're in for more of that in the week ahead. 

I've got my training plan; I've got my stalwart running partners and friends; and now I have a monthly goal. Here's to being harder than woodpecker lips and going all in this month. As my friend Greg says: Run. 

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