Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Feature: Snow Days

Old Man Winter arrived in NW Arkansas yesterday and has decided to make it an extended visit. Two snow days already this week. In fact, as soon as Thursday was cancelled, I knew Justin and I needed to come up with a plan to head off stir craziness at the pass. Even without more snow, it's going to be too cold to play outside for a while:
Pretty much no relief in sight. So we went to the old standby, worksheets, which resulted in an overwhelming amplification of whining and complaining. To try and give the kids options, I told them we would also have reading group (reading on their own) and music class (practicing the piano). Not sure they saw as much humor in that as I did, but sometimes it's okay if just Mommy laughs.

Then I got a moment of inspiration when thinking about what their science instruction could be for the day. The forecast called for a wintry mix, which we explained to Caroline and John could be a combination of sleet, freezing rain and snow. None of which I could actually define when the kids asked what they were.

Voila - science lesson combined with computer use, as they had to Google the questions to find the answers. Done.
However you define it, the weather has been a mess lately. Here's hoping that the snow plows make their rounds so the kids can go back to school. I'm pretty sure they think it's too much work to stay home.

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