Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friday feature: John's journaling

A little bit late getting this one up; summer gives me a good enough excuse, I think. Lazy days.

Coussoule Curriculum is going strong! The journaling has been a delight to read. Wednesday's assignment: "Describe the oldest person you know." For both kiddos, that would be my maternal grandmother Betty Shrum, their Great Grandmother Shrum, or GeeGee as they call her!

My grandmother is an amazing woman - she has been an entrepreneur, a politician, a small business owner, and is an overall wonderful human being. She lives in Tyler, Texas, and we do our best to see her whenever we are headed to Houston to visit my family. John drew a picture of her room in the assisted living facility to go with his words, translated below.

"The oldest person I know is GeeGee. She is ninety two years old. That is old! It takes a long time to get there. GeeGee is nice."

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