Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Family fun in the summertime

Two big fat exciting family events for us this week! The birth yesterday of a new niece/cousin, Claire Eleanor Abbott, and the arrival today of Gramma and Papa Coussoule!!

It's been exactly six years, one month, and thirteen days since there's been a baby in our extended family. So it is with no small excitement and rejoicing that we welcome my sister Susannah and brother-in-law Justin's baby girl into our family. Admittedly, John was not quite this enthusiastic when we learned a few months ago that the new cousin would be a little girl. In fact, it looked a little bit like a physical collapse combined with a face plant on the living room carpet when given the news. 

Thankfully, he's recovered. And excited to meet Claire. 

How could he not be when SHE'S SO CUTE!!!!!

And it's been a year since we've seen Gramma and Papa, so the excitement level in our house is off the charts. 

New cousin, visit from the grandparents. We're blessed with an awesome, loving family. Can't wait to see what fun stuff happens with them!

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