Thursday, April 25, 2013

Signs of spring

From the various updates on Facebook, it looks like the spring weather has been nutty and unpredictable all over the country. We've had our fair share of back-and-forth down here in Arkansas, too: a few days of nice weather, followed by a front with rain and plunging temperatures, then we work our way back to a couple of springlike days before the pattern repeats.

I think the birds and the plants are confused, too. Mama Robin built a beautiful nest behind the trellis against our fence, but we haven't seen her in over a week. We originally intended to leave her be until the chicks hatched and flew away, but when she made an early exit, we figured we'd go ahead and move it so no other bird would have a chance to obtain squatter's rights.

Sad to see that Mama Robin left behind four gorgeous, robin-blue eggs:

Weather is capricious; life is short. A bittersweet reminder in our backyard to enjoy the fleeting joys in life.

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