Monday, October 21, 2013

How California is different

1. Their taxicabs are Prius'. 
2. They have trash bins *and* recycle bins in the hotel room. 
3. At least half of the college kids on skateboards are wearing ties. I didn't get a picture; I was in the middle of my run and I would've been too much of a creeper. So here are a couple of pictures from the USC campus instead. 

4. Celebrity news is their local news, too. The big Kanye/Kim engagement was on the local morning show. Cray. 
5. The hotel elevators don't go to the second floor where all the meeting rooms are. 

Okay, that was probably just the hotel we were in. The one where 1962 called and wanted their wackadoodle architecture back. But still. 

It was a quick trip, there barely 48 hours. Long enough to see a few differences; long enough to appreciate home sweet home. 

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