Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Feature: A boy and his dog

There is quite a menagerie of stuffed animals in the upstairs playroom, but each of the kiddos has their one special friend. Caroline's Kitty is well-loved and even-better-worn, and John's Scoocoo is no different.

It's one of life's mysteries from where the name "Scoocoo" came; John was only 2 or 3 when it came into his possession, and I'm sure it meant something to him then that was unintelligible to anyone other than himself and his big sister. 

Over the years, and through countless games of school; house; city; and any other amusement the kids could imagine, Scoocoo has been a central figure. It was, therefore, no surprise when John brought me an artwork original that was a portrait of his faithful companion:
I never tire of the prodigious artwork in the house, but even my motherly bias is unnecessary to see that it's not a bad likeness for the real thing:
My boy's best friend. 

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