Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Feature: Where We Live

Today's feature, not to be confused with "You live where?", is all about Caroline's third grade social studies unit on Arkansas history. Of course, I grew up learning Texas history - the Alamo, Davie Crockett, being an independent nation, and having the true Texas pride that all of us from the Lone Star State proudly share.

Like all Texans, I have a natural bias for the superiority of my state - 21 years after moving away to go to college with only a 9 month stint of living back home at Ft. Hood, I still strongly identify myself as a Texan, and I'm sure I always will. Lucky for me, my kids have inherited this sense of pride in being at least an honorary Texan, and I hold out hope that someday, we'll all get back home to bluebonnets, cowboy boots and pickup trucks.

In the meantime, though, I feel almost as blessed to be an Arkansan (pronounced Ar-KAN-san for those who, like me, couldn't quite get the syllabic emphasis right the first few times I tried it) as I do to be a Texan. The Natural State is full of wonderful people, the living is easy, and it comes by its name honestly from the beauty of the area. So while my kids aren't going to learn Texas history in school, they will learn all about Arkansas, and this week, Caroline brought home the brochure she created in class:
I added the fireworks... but it kind of feels like she earned them :)

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