Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Feature: Sharpening the Saw

A foundational program at Holcomb Elementary is the Stephen Covey "The Leader in Me" program, where the 7 Habits are adapted for children. Education today is about so much more than the three Rs; it's a highly complex, confusing, shifting world that our children were born into, and it will only get more complex as the technology revolution accelerates. In my almost 20 years of professional experience, though, what I have seen is that no matter the industry, no matter the location, organizations hunger for leadership. True, authentic, decisive leadership - and there's no time better to start teaching how to be a leader than when children are at their most impressionable and most receptive.

The habits are taught in many ways, reinforced with Friday morning assemblies and classroom conversations. We don't see a lot of it overtly reflected in school work, but last week John brought home an illustration of how he can Sharpen his Saw:

It's wonderful to see how John thinks about this, but nothing tops the written sound effects. "Honk shoe!!"

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