Friday, April 18, 2014

The Things They Say: car shopping

I have the day off for the Easter weekend, and Justin and I are headed out to go car shopping this morning. We have narrowed down our options and were discussing them on the way to mass last night in the car. The kids (amazingly) didn't interrupt or voice their own opinions, but that's probably more related to their focus on their Happy Meal toys than on not having an opinion. They always have an opinion.

As they say, little pitchers have big ears, and Caroline clearly heard the car discussion, because this morning she asked:

Caroline: Mommy, do you know what kind of car you're going to get yet?
Mommy: No, not yet, but we know which ones we're going to look at.
John: You should get a limousine!
Caroline: John, that wouldn't even fit in the garage.

But for the garage, it would've been a great idea...

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