Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tuesday was Toothday

There have been a couple of wiggly teeth for several weeks now, but on Tuesday after school, one finally made its exit.

I was greeted by a whirling blur of little boy on Tuesday evening when I got home from work to show me the new hole in his mouth, and then Wednesday morning the same bundle of energy burst into my room to exclaim that the tooth fairy left $1.75!! Much discussion about whether some teeth are better than others and that's why you get more money followed, interspersed with Mommy's thought that maybe you just get whatever the tooth fairy can find in her pockets. Hey, it's possible she has pockets. I mean, where does she put all of those teeth she picks up?

John now proudly displays a new hole in his mouth, a thrill for any 1st grader that gives bragging rights at school for at least a day. Just one more sign that my little man keeps growing up, day by day, despite my occasional desire for him to just stay little.

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