Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Things they Say: Oh, Fudge

Another snow day, another opportunity to find ways to keep the kids minds stimulated and bodies at least minimally occupied so that they aren't bouncing off the walls by dinner time.

Mission sort of accomplished.

We did worksheets this morning, caved to boredom and let them watch TV and play on the iPad, then finally got them outside in the ice (it isn't even snow) for a short bit in the afternoon. I mentioned to Justin maybe they could make cookies, but by the time I brought it up, it was time to make dinner, so I had missed the window.

As we finished up dinner, Daddy said, let's make Chocolate-Chocolate Chip muffins for dessert tonight!

Much enthusiasm for this plan around the table - until you got to my seat. You see, I am not a big chocolate fan. In fact, quite the opposite. The kids know this, too, so debate on who likes chocolate and who doesn't immediately ensued.

John reminds everyone I don't like chocolate in the form of a question, one of our favorite modes of communication these days: "Who doesn't like chooooo-colaaaaaaate????" he sing-songed, pointing at me.

I responded with a very grown-up, "Who DOES like chooooo-colaaaaaaate????" looking around at the kiddos, expecting unreserved hand raising and head nodding. I was surprised by the hesitation on Caroline's face, but she followed it up with her well-thought-out response.

"I like chocolate, just not double or triple fudge chocolate."

To which John confidently added, "Or fourdipple fudge chocolate."


Caroline, very helpfully: "John, it's quadruple, not fourdipple." I swear, they have a special translator spot in their brains for each other.

Having clarified his meaning, however, I decided that fourdipple most certainly should have a place in the lexicon. So write it down - we're coining a word, starting a trend, redefining an exponential.

And when used in reference to fudge, all the better.

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