Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Feature: Homework

Despite my travel this week, I've been home and able to help with homework twice. It's been eye opening. Justin usually unpacks the backpacks as soon as the kids get off the bus, and they sit down right away and finish their homework before they do anything else. There's a lot more worksheet homework in first and third grade than I realized.

Even before this week, I've had the chance to go over spelling words with Caroline this year. Well-known fact for people who knew me when I was eight, but since lost to the passage of time - I'm a spelling bee champion. We'll save those pictures of me in god-awful fourth grade, 1984 outfits for some Throwback Thursday when I finally give up and decide to have no shame at all.

But I digress.

It's been fun to do the verbal spelling quizzes with Caroline - she gets as much joy out of getting the words right as I get joy out of seeing her delight in it. It takes me back to the hours spent with my sister asking each other words out of the Scripps Spelling Bee book. With a spelling test every Friday, there's a new list of words each week, so it's also where I can easily see the progression of her school work. Win win.

This evening, she had a new request - can I quiz her, but can she do a practice test, and write the words down?

That's pretty much like saying: Hey Mom, want to play school? You can be the teacher!

Who wouldn't?!

I feel another A+ coming on!

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