Sunday, August 30, 2015

Overpromising and underdelivering

I guess I wasn't quite as ready to come back as I thought I was - here we are three months later and despite my many, many thoughts around the cool blog posts I could be writing about the really neat things I've done so far this year, it just hasn't happened. I could give a ream of reasons, but the reality is, the only truly appropriate answer is one I'm embracing more and more frequently the farther I get from my West Point training: "No excuse, ma'am/sir."

With my Twinnie now across the ocean and her family writing their own (awesomely funny, incredibly detailed, and sweetly adorable, depending on who's writing) blog, I'm inspired to shed the excuses and get back to chronicling the big and the little things that make up the 365 days of the Coussoules' year.

Speaking of the big and little things - I've managed to cross quite a few things off of my life list this year, reinforcing just how powerful it is to write things down. Make a list. Commit to something in writing. If I hadn't written all of those ideas down a few years ago, I would never have experienced some of the amazing things I have so far in 2015.

Here's to getting back to writing things down - not so much to commit to more things, but to capture the memories and the feelings and the excitement and, on other days, the sorrow and the exhaustion and the anxiety and even the despair in the 365 days that allow us the big and little things.

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