Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Feature: a note home from school

As usual, folders came home on Monday with work from the previous week. I always enjoy looking through the worksheets, spelling tests, essays, and occasional artwork. The last couple of weeks have been much busier than usual at work, meaning later evenings, so I didn't have the chance to look through anything before sitting down for dinner.

As I got up from the table headed for the counter where the stacks of evidence of learning sat, Justin asked, did I see the note from John's teacher yet?

My heart sank. Before the Christmas break, not only had his behavior improved, he'd even "clipped up" on the behavior chart for modeling exemplary behavior. Here we are only a few days into the new semester, and we were back to the old ways. 

Lesson learned: I should have more faith in my child, because this is what the note said:

Hooray for teachers who take the time to share good news!!

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